Health Services

Many people turn to food to heal emotional problems. Often food is the only form of comfort in their lives. This leads to overeating and unwanted weight gain, among other problems.

All of my services help you explore the connection between food and the other influences in your life.

Assessments Complimentary one hour to 90-minute health survey.        

 Coaching 3- or 6-Month Program

Government research shows that education alone has had little effect on health, weight and exercise. What does work is creating change in both your inner and outer culture and environment. That is why you may know the right thing to do, but have trouble overcoming your inner resistance. There’s probably nothing in your inner or outer environment that supports the changes you want to make.

Coaching over time helps you insert new information and options into both your inner and outer environments. So the old behaviors are crowded out and the new ones have room to emerge and flourish.

 Workshops Weight & Stress

Certain foods are “superfoods,” powerful enough to help you lower cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and improve your mood. These workshops teach you about the powerful, antioxidant rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins that will boost your health, improve your mood and beat back the toxic effects of stress.

 Groups Health & Wellness

In these ongoing support groups, you’ll learn the science of food, and how to deconstruct why the foods you eat (or don’t eat!) can affect how you think, feel and act! You can literally eat your way to success!