Hungry for Better Health?


I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, a holistic psychotherapist and ordained minister.

I help people who want a better way to eat and live—and are willing to do something about it!

Together we develop a “healthy-for-life” plan for you and your family, one that includes nourishing yourself for multiple levels of well-being.

You probably know that there is very little about the SAD (Standard American Diet) of fast food, snacks, sodas, sandwiches and stress that is nourishing in any sense. Rather, the heavy concentration of solid fats and sugars in SAD are the reason why 67% of the women in this country are overweight and obese, (and that number has been escalating for the past twenty years—for everyone)!

Most diet and exercise programs are “one size fits all.” That may be why you run into resistance to eating food you don’t like or exercise that’s too intense, and give up in frustration, no matter how health conscious you are, because there’s no one really listening to your individual needs.

What if a holistic nutrition coach and minister helped you figure out what you – your body, mind and spirit – really need?  And stayed with you until you get it!

If you’ve been paying attention to health news, then you know there really is a better way to feed yourself!  Better choices aren’t hard or painful; in fact most people find them delightful and delicious!

What research proves makes all the difference is to learn a new food technology, a more integrated and holistic approach in the company of a caring nutrition coach who supports you every step of the way.

This is why my service works: I help you create a bio-individual program that focuses on the best nutrients to feed your body, emotions, work life, relationships and spirituality, so that you have uniquely satisfying choices for all the levels of well-being you seek.

The real truth is that the foods you put in your mouth are less important than all the other things that feed you!

This means that YES, you can learn which are the best foods to provide both nutrition and medicine for your personal body system. You’ll also learn which activities feed your positive emotions, mind, career, relationships and spirituality.

This integrated approach is why you come away empowered to make the absolute best choices for the health of your entire life system, and that of your family!

Please read on through my site and learn more about an integrative approach to feeding your entire system and creating a heathy lifestyle.